Alaab Studios Presents


Boxle is an addictive, mild puzzle and mind relaxing game, where you can place parts and pieces of a picture into a box and complete the image by combining 6 pieces of a picture.
You will get unlimited fun through lots of levels in 3 different kind of gameplay modes.
Discover a challenging experience while going through levels in a all modes of game.

Alaab Studios Presents

Snooker Professional 3D

Snooker Professional 3d challenge is a realistic snooker game with fully rigid body physics.
this Real snooker will let you play snooker on different size tables. 8 feet, 10 feet and full size tables.
snooker professional will let u choose different ball game i.e 3ball, 6 ball and 10 ball game.

Alaab Studios Presents

Mountain 4x4 Drive

Mountain Offroad Drive takes you to the best 4x4 off-road experience with no roads to drive just the mountains , hills, streams, and muds to go through. you might be bored with classical modern games here is perfect 4x4 simulation to enjoy this amazing offroad experience.

House # 5 Satelite Town, lahore

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